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June 16th, 2014
Humankind May Be Artificial Intelligence
By Dale Roethlisberger

If you have seen the television the series ‘Ancient Aliens’, then you may already know that some folks believe we are the products of alien DNA engineering. It is an intriguing idea, but if you discount intelligence in any or all of the other forms of life that we know about, then it seems this alien DNA tinkering took place relatively recently in the evolution of man. If you grant that other animals or species have their own form of intelligence, then it seems that something way in this past of the basic DNA molecule is intelligence producing over evolutionary time. Of course, that presumes one gives some credence to the idea of evolution.

However you look at the time span for mankind’s development of intelligence, it sure makes it easy to conclude that some outside agent is responsible. One does not have to continue to devise ever-complex theories about intelligence, nor do all that tedious research to support those theories. Strong religious beliefs may make it easy to reach a conclusion on this subject. However, it still remains very popular to see speculative movies, TV, and books about aliens and what they might have done to or for us, as far as, intelligence is concerned. One thing for certain, whether it’s “God” or ET that gave us the final mind boost, our intelligence is, therefore, likely artificial. Of course, intelligence could also just be a long-time affair with any environment capable of supporting life.

After all, it has been postulated that 7 monkeys randomly typing on IPAD’s (i.e. the cultural upgrade from typewriters) will someday produce an exact copy of a Shakespeare play. Sometimes it’s survival of the luckiest versus the fittest. I guess that’s why those small under-ground proto-mammals survived when those huge dinosaurs got burned up by the big bad asteroid. Of course, it is hard to understand ‘lucky’ unless one passes some minimum of intelligence. It is just as likely that we are all some form of bio-machine or protoplasmic computer.